Please post question by clicking on ‘Post Question’ make sure you give price you are willing to pay, deadline and course title clearly. Price Tag gets attention of Tutors quickly. Posting questions on is totally free.


Getting in touch with tutors at is simple and hassle free in following way:

ü  Notify Tutors question you posted by sending Private message via Chat.

ü  Put up a request in Public chat for help

ü  Email the tutor homework in which you need help

ü  Wait for tutors to see your post they will contact you and send you handshake or message.


In order to select tutor at you will have review the tutor’s profile and select based on experience and reviews. Once you post questions you will start receiving requests for handshakes so select tutors based on their ratings. Tutors reviews are authentic which they received from students for their work.


Answers to homework questions will be used as guide to prepare for exam or test. Submitting guides of homeworkFair as your own answers at school/college most likely will be against the academic honesty of institutes which can result in strict actions against you.

COPYRIGHTS is strictly complying DCMA 512C posting or uploading copyrighted material is strictly forbidden. It is ethical and social responsibility of both students and tutors to avoid use of this site against any Law or jurisdiction.


HOMEWORKFAIR.COM CHAT AND EMAILS Offers feature of sending emails to tutors/Students, Every email content will be processed by and then forwarded to Tutors/Students  so anyone who tries to share contact information or tries to make transaction at other than will be blocked from site and his/her earnings with will be Seized if applicable.


You can send the email to user registered with by clicking send email by visiting user profile.

Note: Emails communication will only work if both users are registered if you try to send from personal email which is not registered with it will not work.  You can only send emails from email which you registered with


1.       Always keep the chat clean.

2.       Never Use inappropriate language in public chat or private chat.

3.       Do not use any other foreign language other than English

4.       Spamming, promotion of other website, is strictly restricted Chat Admins will block those users instantly from chat.

5.       Never share any personal contact information in chat because chat text might be processed in result your account will be blocked and you will not be able to even get back with different username. Any effort of doing transaction other than Will leave no option for us to block your account.

6.       Contact chat Admins in Bold (text) to block those who are violating the Chat rules.


How much it costs?

Registration and Posting questions is free at only buying answers of tutors will cost based the price of solution set by tutor. If you do not have PayPal Account still you can make the payment using PayPal credit card option or any other payment method given in Payment checkout.


In Order to provide lowest transactions fees to students we have implied Payza Inc. which is offering most competitive transaction rate of 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction.

For Example: if you are paying through Credit card/Debit Card  fees is 2.5% + 0.25 USD so if price of solution is $20 Net price which will you be charged will be 2.5% + 0.25 USD = 20.75.

We have Paypal is well by which you can make the payment and get paid, Paypal is one of largest payment processing company.


Handshake is unique feature for students to sign agreement with Teacher before making down payment; hand shake will work like agreement with tutors who will have to comply with discussed price and deadlines. Both parties will have to agree on terms before signing handshake.


Tutors will get 85% of price which they set of each First time solution sold Tutors earnings can be withdrawn after 15 days. There is chance most the answers are purchased by other students as well in that case Tutors will get 70%. All those payments will be eligible to withdraw after 15 days if there no any dispute filed against those payments. offers facility of withdrawals to all tutors byPaypal, Payza Account and Payoneer. With personal Paypal Account you can subscribe Auto payments method to get paid automatically after the payments are eligble for withdrawal. 


Withdrawals at are all most instant, Go to “My Homework” ==>“Withdraw Funds” then give the amount you want to withdraw from amount which is available for withdrawals.


HOW can I get refunds?

 If Student is not satisfied with any of the solution or services at, students will have to open dispute against the tutor and it will be tutors responsibility to satisfy students complaints if tutor fails to do so with in 3 days money will be refunded to student, Fee may Apply depending on payment method used for buying answers.

Note: Bitcoins Purchases are nonRefundable

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